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. Diagnosing Error in Temporal Action Detectors. 2018.

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. Guess Where? Actor-Supervision for Spatiotemporal Action Localization. 2018.

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. End-to-End, Single-Stream Temporal Action Detection in Untrimmed Videos. BMVC 2017 (Oral), 2017.

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. SST: Single-Stream Temporal Action Proposals. CVPR 2017, 2017.

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. SCC: Semantic Context Cascade for Efficient Action Detection. CVPR 2017, 2017.

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. DAPs: Deep Action Proposals for Video Understanding. ECCV 2016, 2016.

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. On the Relationship between Visual Attributes and Convolutional Networks. CVPR 2015, 2015.

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. ActivityNet: A Large-Scale Video Benchmark for Human Activity Understanding. CVPR 2015, 2015.

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. Automated Vision-based Recognition of Construction Worker Actions Using RGBD Cameras. CRC 2012, 2012.